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2 Door Flat Glass Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit With 3 Buttons

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2 Door Flat Glass Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit With 3 Buttons

AutoLoc's flat-glass 2-door power window conversion kit allows you to convert your old flat glass windows into a completely new power system. Because of their high-torque motors and custom mounting brackets, AutoLoc's Power Windows are great for older cars that have never had power windows.

The revolutionary Super Glide window design assures easy installation and a guaranteed smooth operation. Each kit comes with high-torque motors, reinforced guide tracks, and adjustable window bases, all of which assure quick, quiet, and dependable operation for the life of your vehicle. Glass fits tightly into clamps and operates on its own track. These attach very tightly, they do not allow the glass to sway or wobble. Works great with narrow doors.

This universal kit can be cut to fit and the kit can be mounted in various positions. This kit will not fit in most small Ford Model A doors, but will work with most 1932 and up Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, etc. cars and trucks with flat glass windows.

This complete kit includes switches as well as all necessary wiring and installation parts. With each kit you get 3 switches and wire harnesses too. With 10 optional cases to choose from you can get just the custom factory look you want.


  • Reinforced :: Guide Track
  • Adjustable :: Window Base
  • Motor Type :: Worm-gear Driven
  • New :: Heavy Duty Motor Is Smoother, Stronger, And Quieter
  • Hardware Included :: Custom Mounting Brackets
  • Compatibility :: Multi-position Brackets
  • Durable :: Motor Construction
  • Adjustable :: Track
  • included :: Hardware Pack
  • Instructions :: Detailed PDF Instructions
  • Installation :: Easy with Basic Tools
  • Installation Style :: Direct Bolt-in
  • Switches & Harness :: Included
  • Mounting Base holes :: 0.25”
  • Regulator Length :: 25”
  • Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty



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