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Single Door 12V Automated Car Power Hinge Kit Lambo Gullwing Trunk Hatch or Hood

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Single Door 12V Automated Car Power Hinge Kit Lambo Gullwing Trunk Hatch or Hood

AutoLöc's Universal Heavy Duty Automated Power Hinge Kit for Doors, Trunks, Hoods, and More! (Single Door, Single Motor Kit)

- Heavy duty 200 lb 8” stroke 12V linear actuator
- 12V rocker switch with wiring harness
- 2 x 40 Amp relays with relay sockets

- Fully Adjustable
- 200 lb Lift Capacity
- 8 Inch Travel/Stroke
- Heavy Duty High-Torque Screw Drive Motor
- Built In Limit Switch
- Permanently Sealed & Lubricated Assembly
- Steel Body
- Metal Bearing Mount

This kit allows you to easily open and close your door, trunk, hatch, and more with the simple push of a button. Push the switch up arrow to open, or down arrow to close. Upgrade to remote control by adding AutoLöc's Remote Control Keyless Entry System. (SKU: 9760)

AutoLöc linear actuators include built in limit switches, which allows you to program custom run times and push/pull settings when combined with an AutoLöc motor control module. Motor control modules SOLD SEPARATELY. See optional motor control module SKU numbers listed below.

***PRO TIP*** The stroke is adjustable. i.e. Setting the start/stop points on a 8" motor can be limited to 4" by setting these points. They are located below a cap on the bottom of the motor. (See Fully Adjustable Image).
AutoLöc Motor Control Modules:
2 Presets (SKU:9787)
4 Presets (SKU:9788)
6 Presets (SKU:9789)
8 Presets (SKU:9790)

* Free Live USA Technical Support and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • ---------------------- :: Linear Actuators
  • # of Actuators :: 2 Included
  • Max Weight :: Each Lifts up to 200lbs
  • Voltage :: 12 Volt
  • Motor :: Heavy Duty Torque
  • Method :: Screw Drive
  • Adjustable :: Yes
  • Limiter :: Built In Switch
  • Travel/Stroke :: 8"
  • Connecting Ends :: Ball Bearing Rods
  • Collapsed :: Length 17"
  • Extended :: Length 25"
  • Gear Ratio :: 10:1 Quick Operation
  • Assembly :: Sealed & Lubricated
  • Material :: Steel
  • ---------------------- :: Other
  • Switch :: One 3 Way Included
  • Relays :: Two Included
  • Instructions :: Detailed Instructions
  • Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty



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